here are plenty of dairy alternatives that you can use to replace common Keto foods like heavy cream, cheese, sour cream, half and half, and yogurt. Here is a list of substitutes you can have on Keto diet:

Whole milk substitute with -> Coconut milk

Heavy cream substitute with -> Coconut cream, Silken tofu, Soy milk and Olive oil

Sour cream substitute with -> Coconut yogurt, Silken tofu, Cashew sour cream

Butter (for frying) substitute with -> Coconut oil, Olive oil, Ghee

Butter (for spreads) substitute with -> Coconut butter, Nut butter, Seed butter

Butter (for baking) substitute with -> Coconut butter, Vegan butter, Ghee

Dairy-Based cheeses substitute with -> Cashew cheese, Vegan cheese, Vegan soft cheese

Cream cheese substitute with -> Cashew cheese, Vegan soft cheese

Greek yogurt substitute with -> Coconut yogurt, Cashew yogurt

*Please note the description below the plan:

If the products are not essential to the recipe you can cook the meal without them replace them with similar ones.

The essential ingredients are marked in blue, purple, pink or red color.

If you have an ingredient that you exclude/ replace and is in one of the colors above,  please contact us and we will resolve the issue.